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Director of Marketing -  Rickeya Beale

The Marketing Director oversee and manage all marketing campaigns for Atlanta Panther Women's SC (APSC, which includes campaigns involving social media, emails, sponsorship decks, flyers and more. T

Required Skills                                                    Experience

  •  Excellent attention to detail
  • Entrepreneurial mindset
  •  Ability to come up with and monitor measurable goals
  •  Ability to keep cool under pressure
  • Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously
  • Can work both collaboratively and independently

  • Marketing experience for an organization, preferably for a sports team
  •  Experience with team sports, as a player or as a manager (soccer obviously preferred)
  • Ideal Majors
  • Marketing, Business or Communications Major


Bria Harris - The Communications Intern have opportunity to assist with production of multimedia content for – pitch content ideas, conduct interviews with APWS players and coaches, and write features, will also help oversee the team’s social media efforts and help manage the APSC social media platforms. This is a non-paid position and will report directly to the Management Staff.

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Skills Required

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  •  Ability to work fast on tight deadlines
  •  Ability to complete multiple projects
  • at once
  •  Superb interpersonal skills
  •  Ability to obtain and process a large amount of information at one time

Necessary Experience

  • Prior writing samples and experience necessary, editorial experience a plus
  •  Experience working in public relations preferred
  • Ideal Majors
  •  English or Communications Major

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